Moroccan names

Morocco is a country steeped in history and culture, which explains the Moroccans’ extensive use of traditional Moroccan names. The names for newborn girls are ultra-feminine and charming, while the names for newborn boys show a lot of swagger. The meanings are equally as beautiful and relaxing as the names. Because France ruled the country for a time, some of the names have a French feel to them. MomJunction has produced a list of Moroccan baby names for your convenience. Book the best Morocco desert tours.
Names of Moroccan girls:


Adilah is a great girl’s name that means ‘truthful and just.’ This name will foster in our girls the qualities of justice and fairness that we want to see in them.


Aisha, Prophet Mohammed’s most adored wife, is known as Aicha in Morocco. In several languages, Aish means ‘wheat, food, or barley,’ making it a metaphor for life’s nutrition.


Aleah is a wonderful name that means ‘high or exalted.’ It is the current spelling of Aliyah. Aaliyah, a variation, has climbed name #48 on the list and is given to 5,000 baby girls each year. So think outside the box and name your kid Aleah.


Amina means “trustworthy and loyal,” two of the most crucial characteristics of a friend. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, England, and Wales, it is a common female name.


Amira is a lovely Moroccan name for a woman that means ‘lord or ruler.’ In various Arabic civilizations, it is typically given to girls born during the Shavuot holiday. Add an ‘h’ to the end of the name to make it edgier.


Anisah means ‘good-natured,’ and she will inspire your daughter to be her best in all settings. One of Macy Gray’s children was given the phonetic name Anisa.


Asmaa was Muhammad’s niece in Islam, and she aided his uncle in escaping to Mecca. Berber Moroccan Asmaa, the Moroccan equivalent, means “supreme.”


Ayat is a fantastic choice for parents looking for something spiritual for their daughters. It basically means “verses of the Quran.”


Aziza is a gorgeous Moroccan names baby name that means ‘pretty’ in many African languages, not only Moroccan. In Arabic, it means ‘precious.’


Buchra is a delicious Moroccan variation of Bushra, which means “good omen” in Arabic. We think it’d be a fun change of pace from Bariah and Mariah.


Despite the fact that Chaima is a gender-neutral name, it is mostly used for girls. Originally, it was a French name that meant’ beautiful spot.’ And Chaima is a given name to just 0.001% of the population.


The name Faiza means “victorious” and is a marvelously uncommon name. This name also occurs in Marvel comics. We’re sure you had no idea.


Farah is a lovely and poetic Arabic name made famous by Iran’s last queen, Farah Palavi. Moroccan names Farah means ‘happiness’ in Arabic.


This unusual-sounding name really means “unique.” It is named after Egypt’s Queen Farida, who is well-known across the world.


One of the most charming Moroccan female names, Fatiha is silky, fluttery, and has a wonderful meaning – “conqueror,” in our opinion. Fatiha is also the name of a verse from the Quran.


According to the Quran, Fatima is the name of Prophet Mohammed’s daughter and one of the four ideal females. This name will take some time to bridge cultures, but it will eventually make its way into the mainstream.


Habiba is a popular Muslim baby girl name in North Africa and Somalia. It means’sweetheart’ or ‘loved one.’


This Moroccan name is delicate and lovely, and it would fit very well with today’s ethnic names. In addition to being a Quran name, Hidaya was an Ethiopian tribe that governed the Hadiya kingdom.

Ikram is a Moroccan newborn boy name that may also be used for girls. It’s a term that means ‘honor or hospitality,’ according to the dictionary.


This name, which means ‘faith,’ is one of the most well-known Moroccan names, thanks to Somali-American model Iman. If you choose, you may leave the letter ‘e’ off the end.
Ines: Were you shocked to see a Portuguese name on the list? We were in the same boat. Morocco, on the other hand, although being rated 26th, is doing rather well.


A nice, gentle name with a ‘beautiful’ meaning, Jamila is a lovely, gentle name with a ‘beautiful’ connotation. Some say it’s an Arabic name, while others say it’s a Swahili name.

Jasmin is an uncommon Moroccan female name that does not begin with the letter ‘a.’ If you want to make it seem stylish, go with the Jazmin option. Last year, the Social Security Administration ranked Jasmin, which means ‘jasmine bloom,’ at #112, which isn’t bad.


The first Muslim convert and Prophet Muhammad’s first wife was named Khadija. Moroccans may associate this name with Moroccan archer Khadija Abbouda, who represented Morocco at the 2008 Olympic Games.


Khalida is the male version of the expressive Moroccan names Khalid. After a ten-year hiatus, it re-entered the US top 1000. Khalida means “immortal” or “everlasting” in Arabic.


Queen Latifah, a well-known singer and actress, made this Moroccan name famous. Latifah is regarded as “gentle and kind.”

Layla, a Moroccan name that signifies ‘darkness and drunkenness,’ has been cited in various romantic Arabic works. Even today, the name conjures up pictures of a young girl with brown hair and brown eyes.


This Latin name exudes an air of ageless beauty. Its widespread use has given rise to well-known namesakes in almost every field, including tennis player Maria Sharapova and American journalist Maria Shriver.


As Mary fades from fashion, its many incarnations become more trendy. Meryem, a variation of Mary, is Morocco’s 13th most popular name.

Nadia which means’ hope,’ embodies Olympic gold medalist Nadia Comaneci’s charm and enthusiasm. The film ‘Lost’ used this name as well.


The tone of Nahla is regal and rhythmic. This is a name that no one will ever get tired of hearing. Its meaning is ‘a drink of water,’ which is as distinctive as the name. Halle Berry also selected this name for her child.


Naima is a Persian term that meaning “beautiful, acceptable,” which is exactly what parents want for their daughter. It’s tied to Naima Mora, the winner of America’s Next Top Model.


This lovely name, which means ‘light,’ conjures up memories of strong heroines from “A Doll’s House.”


We anticipate that when Moroccan Names like Eleanor and Nora become more popular, Nour will follow suit. This name is common in both Arabic and Dutch cultures and has Arabic and Dutch roots. The term “nour” means “glow” or “brightness.”

Rabia (number 35):

This charming name has a legendary ring to it. Rabia is considered to be one of the ten angels that accompany the sun on its daily voyage. The meaning of this Moroccan name is ‘Spring.’


This lovely name is certain to capture the hearts of everyone who hear it. It’s a Moroccan term for ‘well taught.’


Rihanna may sound and look better, but her attraction pales in comparison to that of the original Rehana. The perfume of this plant will fill your child’s life with this moniker, which means’sweet basil.’


This seductively sparkling name has a lovely connection to Audrey Hepburn, who starred in the movie “Sabrina.” Sabrina comes from the Latin term “legendary princess.”


This feminine form of Said is quite prevalent in Morocco. It means ‘happy and prosperous,’ which your child will definitely be whichever name you pick.


Give your daughter the name Safaa if you want her to grow up to be a joyful and cheery person. The meaning of Safaa, which is also the name of a hill near Mecca, is ‘purity.’


Is a Moroccan name that means “safe and healthy,” and it captures all you want for your baby girl. And believe us when we say it’s quite popular in the Arab world. The notable and inspiring namesake is Salima Ghezali, an Algerian writer and journalist. Salima means “safe” or “gentle” in Arabic.


The most popular Moroccan girl’s name, thanks to Mexican actress Salma Hayek, who is credited with enhancing the name’s oomph factor. ‘Salma’ means ‘peace’ in Arabic.


Samira is a beautiful Moroccan name with an enigmatic meaning. Moroccan name Samira is an Arabic word that means ‘discussion partner.’ It is named after Samira Bellil, a French feminist and activist.


A name like Sarah is certain to be popular in Asia or Africa. Sarah is Abraham’s wife’s name in both the Bible and the Quran. ‘Princess’ is its meaning.


Sophia is the most popular name for Moroccan baby girls, ranking 60th. Did you know that Sophia’s patron saint is Saint Sophia, who was adored in the Greek Goddess religion?


This lovely name was made famous on the western side of the globe by the Iranian Empress who migrated to France. Soraya is a Persian word that roughly translates to “diamond.”


This fragrant name is well-known across the Southern and Near Eastern regions. It may be found on the Social Security list in a variety of formats. Moroccans, on the other hand, prefer this pronunciation.

Princess Anna chose her baby the name Zara, which means ‘princess,’ and it has a royal ring to it. Give your small sweetie the name Zara and watch her grow into a graceful and confident adult.


Although the original spelling of Zaynab is included in the Quran, the variant Zainab is more often used across the world, especially in Morocco. The Turkish version, Zeynep, is also a favorite of ours.


Zohra is a pure female name that means flower blossom.’ In the Bible, Zohra is the name of a city.

You intend to wed a Moroccan man, right?


The name Aamir is derived from the Arabic word aamir, which means ‘prince, ruler.’ The Bollywood star Aamir Khan is the most well-known Amir in India.


Abbas is an Arabic name that meaning “lion.” Your son’s name, Abbas, should make him physically and psychologically as strong as a lion.


The Moroccan Names Abel, Rahman, Kader, Aziz Rahim, and Salam are often used interchangeably in Morocco. It simply translates to “servant.”


Another prominent Islamic name with a different spelling from the rest of the world. Its version Abdulla has been gaining popularity in the United States, where it has spent the previous three years in the top 700. Abdellah suggests, ‘God’s slave.’


“Son of the Crimson Soil” is a biblical and Islamic name meaning “son of the crimson soil.” The true Moroccan pronunciation is ‘Aa-dam.’


Adil is an excellent choice for parents looking for something quick, enjoyable, and out of the ordinary. ‘Just’ is the direct translation.


Ahmed is an Arabic name that means ‘worthy of admiration.’ It’s both a first and a last name. A variation of the name, Ahmad, is common among Muslim families.


Ali, which means “greatest,” is one of Allah’s qualities mentioned in the Quran. Muhammad Ali, the greatest boxer of all time, will always be connected with it. You may even shorten it to hip Al for the nickname.


Amine is an antique but safe name that means “faithful and trustworthy.”


The name Anas refers to one of Prophet Muhammad’s companions and signifies “affectionate and compassionate.”


Aryn, a version of Aaron, is an excellent alternative if you want a traditional Moroccan baby name with a distinctive spelling. The Greek term Aryn means messenger.’


Beni is a terrific name for your baby boy if you wish to name him after a Moroccan location. It may also be used as a short form of Benjamin.


This traditional African name is used by Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, and Morocco. Bilal Abdulsamad, an American musician, may be familiar to some of our readers.


The Moroccan name Brahim means “father of many” and refers to God’s messenger, Prophet Abraham.


Driss, the Moroccan counterpart of Idris, occurs twice in the Quran as Prophet Muhammad’s name in its original form. It’s a Welsh name that means’lord’ in English.


This is a fantastic name for parents that want their child to be successful in life. The term “emir” comes from the Turkish language and means “chief” or “commander.”

Hachim is a Moroccan version of Hakim, which meaning “judicious.” It’s one of Allah’s nine qualities that also happens to be a respectable name. The most famous bearer of this name is Moroccan player Hachim Mastour.


Hamza, the legendary uncle of Prophet Muhammad, is Morocco’s third most popular name. The story of Hamza is chronicled in the book Hamzanama, which translates as The Story of Hamza. The Arabic word ‘Hamza’ means ‘lion.’


One of the most well-known Moroccan names is Hassan, which means ‘beautiful.’ Since 1971, it has been in the US Social Security Administration’s top 100 list.


A variation of Enoch, this Arabic name is popular in Western and Northern Africa. Idrissa Gueye, a Senegalese footballer, is perhaps the most well-known person with this name.


Lyaas, the Arabic counterpart of Elijah, which means “Yahweh is God,” has lately been a popular choice.


Ismail is the Arabic form of the Hebrew name Ismael, which means “God will hear.” This name is undoubtedly familiar to you from the film “Does My Head Look Big in This?”


The name Issam has a literary ring to it and signifies ‘bond.’


It’s no wonder that this name has gotten a lot of buzz. Jamal translates to ‘handsome,’ which is precisely what any mother hopes for her newborn son. In the United States, it might be substituted with Jason or James.

Kadin is a common Moroccan boy’s name that meaning ‘fellow or comrade.’ What more could you want from your darling than for him to be a wonderful friend to his friends?

Number 77, Kareem, is a Moroccan favorite. Kareem Abdl Jabbar’s first appearance on the US Top 1000 list was in 1972, the same year that he began his basketball career. The meaning of this name is ‘Noble.’


The name Khalid is well-known in Islamic history because to the seventh-century military hero Khalid Ibn Walid. It literally means “everlasting” or “immortal.”


Maleek is an unusual name that isn’t extremely popular but is easy to pronounce. It’s a Malachi variation that meaning “angel of God.”


With Paris, London, and Brooklyn, why not Marrakech? Marrakech, the Kingdom of Morocco’s fourth largest city, might be a fun name for your little one.


This Farsi name comes from Mahdi, the prophet who is expected to rule the Day of Judgment and rid the world of evil. ‘Rightly directed,’ as Mehdi puts it.

Mohamed, a Moroccan version of Muhammad, has spent the past six years in the top 500 baby names. It has ties to Egypt’s fifth President, Mohamed Morsi, who is a powerful figure in the country.


It doesn’t get much more straightforward than this. Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey recently made news when one of their twins was referred to as Moroccan. Although the name did not make the Social Security List, it is surely one of the most odd Moroccan Names ever.


The term Morocco comes for the first time in Shakespeare’s play “The Merchant of Venice.” As a consequence, it’s possible that Shakespeare coined it for the first time as a baby boy name. You must now decide whether Moroccan or Morocco sounds better.


In addition to Turkey, Mustafa is often used in Morocco. It is an epithet of Prophet Muhammad and the name of the four Ottoman sultans. Mustafa’s spelling variations include Moustafa, Mostafa, and Moustapha. Mustafa means “chosen one” in Arabic.


Nabil, which means “high-born,” is a wonderful and unique Moroccan name that isn’t often used outside of Africa.


You can’t possibly go wrong with this one. The meaning of Nadim and its variation Nadeem is ‘good companion.’


This popular male name comes from the Arabic word Umr, which means ‘blooming and populous.’ Giving him this moniker will catapult him to new levels of success.


This is the name of the founder of the Ottoman Empire, and it is well-known. Have you noticed that Osman is also an anagram of Mason? The term Osman derives from the Arabic word osman, which meaning ‘black.’


This name honors Moroccan scientist Rachid Yazai and Algerian activist and musician Rachid Taha, both of whom contributed to lithium battery research. Both Rachid and its variation Rashid are two of Allah’s 99 names that mean ‘guide.’

Rafiq is a bold Moroccan name that translates to “friend or comrade.” Rafiki, the wise confidante from “The Lion King,” will come to mind when you hear this name.


Rahim is a lucky Moroccan Muslim name that means “empathetic and compassionate.” Rahim Shaheed Moore, an NFL football player from the United States, has put it on the Moroccan market.


This Moroccan name, which meaning “water-rich land,” is a term of authority in India. The modern-day bearer of the name is Rayan Lopez, an American rapper.


The Moroccan name Said, a shortened variant of Sa’Id and Sayeed, is often used as a surname name rather than a first name among Arabs and Africans. ‘Said’ is a word that implies ‘happy.’


In recent years, the names Sam, Sammy, and Samuel have all become fairly popular. It’s time to choose Samir, a unique and sweet-as-honey moniker. The Persian term ‘Samir’ means ‘friend or wind.’


Sulaiman is a popular name in Africa, notably in Morocco. Moroccan name Sulaiman Layeq, an Afghan poet and philosopher, Sulaiman Al-Tajir, an Iranian traveler and writer, and Sulaiman Nadvi, an Indian writer and Islamic scholar, are all known to wear it. It’s a term that conjures up images of tranquility.


This Moroccan city name, like the Moroccan bazaars, is evocative and unique. Tangier conjures us images of domed minarets, camels, and palm palms.


Youness, Jonah’s Arabic and Moroccan equivalent, rose 0.45 percent to 13th position this year. The meaning of this name is ‘dolphin.’


No matter where you are or what year it is, this is a name that will never go out of vogue. In the United States, Yousef is ranked #786 and Yusuf is ranked #592. In Wales and England, both kinds are fairly common. “Allah’s piety, power, and influence grow,” Yousef suggests.


Zakaria is the Arabic name for the Hebrew name Zechariah, which means ‘God remembers.’

As a consequence of this article, we hope you learned something new about Moroccan names. Leave your thoughts in the comments area below!

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