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Agadir city

Agadir’s history is rather recent and it is likely that about 1505, the Portuguese moved to the foot of the hill to build a fortification to safeguard their trade base. They then abandoned the region and nearly all Moroccan territory, pushed out by indigenous tribes.

The Berber dynasty of Tazeroualt boomed the city in the 17th century and the harbor was constructed more or less to be traded to Europe.
The Dutch established trade posts and assisted in the rebuilding in 1731 with the consent of the local potentate. The earthquake devastated the town.

Agadir’s history oscillates between frantic and abandoned activity until 1960. The events of the city were dictated by the earthquake which inflicted many thousand casualties this year.
It was the original fishing port, the focal point of the export sector, and Morocco’s first tourism attraction. Agadir nowadays is a modern, future-oriented city.


Agadir is located on the southwest coast of Morocco, at a distance of 550 kilometers south of Casablanca, 235 kilometers west of Marrakech, and 170 kilometers from Essaouira.

The kilometers of sandy beaches and the wide section of the coast make it a full club member of the bay of Taghazout, the world’s most lovely bays.

The highly rich Souss Valley in the hinterland feeds fruits and vegetables to the port’s economic activities owing to its water table and substantial hydraulic infrastructure.


Without a great difference between day and night the winter temperature is an average of 16°. The severe weather between November and March usually focuses on a few days. Depending on the year, they might also be extremely violent.

In July the average temperature between day and night is 22°C without large variation. When the Chergui blows from the sub-Saharan wind, the temperature increases to 40°C. This case is unusual, don’t panic.


Join our finest tours from Agadir and see Ouarzazate, Hollywood of Morocco. Half way to the desert of Erg Chebbi, this magnificent town is often a lunch break for visitors. Indeed, the name of the city is in Berber and means “no noise.” It has an international airport in Morocco that offers a wide range of tickets to individuals who wish to take a short trip out of the desert. This town is also prominent and worldwide renowned for filmmaking like Ait Benhaddou.

The Atlas Studios and the Kasbah of Taourirt are the two most popular tourist attractions at this site. The major location for filming is the Atlas Cinema Studio. Morocco, as previously stated, contains a large number of kasbahs; some estimates put the number at over a thousand. The Taourirt Kasbah, built in the style of a maze by the el Glaoui tribe, is one of Morocco’s most unusual fortified towns. 

Although this is one of Morocco’s most magnificent Kasbahs, it is less frequented by visitors who choose to bypass the Atlas Mountains and save time.

Finally, Ouarzazate is home to the world’s largest station of concentrated solar energy. This demonstrates Morocco’s priority of using natural resources. However, our tours from Agadir do not cover this stop because it is not permitted.

The Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou:

Architectural and technological wonders are Kasbahs and Ksours in Morocco. They make our country different from other countries. In fact, they constitute an illustration of usual human meetings, while marking significant eras in Morocco’s progress. Not to mention the relationships between Moroccans and their environment and heritage.

As visitors from outside and Morocco go on a journey across the desert and Agadir, they want to see Ait Benhaddou, one of the most popular tourist attractions. The Kasbah is around 30 kilometers from the center of town with its towering towers. The walls surround a collection of mud-brick, high-precision brick homes, creating the village.

The Kasbah is 1,300 square meters in size, located in the village of Ighrem. In 1987 UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site and later a national archeological site. It was created in the 18th century as a fortified town for safety and economy. It overlooks the Ounila Valley, home to a little river called the “Salt River.”

Because of the great technical appeal, Ait Benhaddou survived and defied many conditions and natural causes to preserve the strength of its numerous parts. But the filming of the series “Jesus of Nazareth” was reconstructed in 1977.


Merzouga is in the south-eastern region of Morocco. Approximately 20 kilometers from the border between Morocco and Algeria, and about 40 kilometers from Rissani, a tiny town in the same area. The name Merzouga comes from the family Merzoug, one of the oldest families in the region.

More than three decades ago the region began its first tourism projects, which helped to shine in Morocco and became a famous tourist destination. In order to attract more tourists about 1986, people began establishing hotels and campsites.

The first visitors were the French and the Spaniards. Just a few years later the venue got more popular and attracted more guests. To say nothing of Moroccans visiting the desert dunes for the treatment of different rheumatic conditions and sandbaths.

Erg Chebbi’s golden sand dunes undoubtedly identify the desert. It is also significant to the people and their culture. Camel and desert camping are two other attractive hobbies. Through building traditional campgrounds, tourists may enjoy life how local people preserved their Berber identity.

Main activities to try in Merzouga

The Merzouga tourist centres, in particular international tourists, provides a range of sites that attract desert sports enthusiasts, campers and camel riders.

Many Merzouga tourists cannot communicate or control their excitement. This is perhaps what makes the desert of Merzouga unique, which pulls people again and forth again. Maybe this is one of the major reasons why Merzouga in the Tafilalt region of Morocco has become such a famous resort. In recent years, there has been a progressive increase in the number of tourists.


Marrakech is commonly known as the Red City and Palm Trees City, one of Morocco’s most important cities.” It is the capital of tourism with a lot of funny rituals, sights and views.
Perhaps the most famous elements of the city are the various monuments in Marrakech. A wide range of popular local markets, palaces, castles and areas of archeological relevance can be found in the city, among others.

What to discover in Marrakech with our desert and city tours from Agadir

You’ll see a number of attractions in Marrakesh when you take one of our private or desert trips from Agadir. Some instances are below.

Jamaa El Fna Square

Jamaa El-Fana is recognized as one of the most important tourist attractions as one of the oldest sites in Marrakech. It was built simultaneously with the town. The structure was built in the fifth century A.D. Each historian will thus find the square a major source of pleasure.

There are several ways to keep oneself occupied. The most important thing is to witness the fantastic snake displays, music players, and a variety of other things. These interesting activities draw tens of thousands of people, the majority of whom are international tourists. Don’t miss out on a collection of storytellers delivering interesting stories, as well as a range of acts in the arena.

The Souks

A variety of businesses may be found at the Marrakech Market, also known as “Dwar Al-Mawasin.” There are cafés and businesses that sell unusual antiques, as well as those that display stylish apparel, accessories, and shoe sellers. We propose that you take a pause and have a cup of Moroccan tea, as well as take a few photos with vendors dressed in traditional attire.

Majorelle Garden

The Majorelle Garden is one of Marrakech’s most popular tourist destinations. This gorgeous garden attracts those who are interested in rare plants and flowers. It is home to a diverse diversity of plants. The most famous of these are numerous cactus types, which you could see for the first time at the park.
Gueliz is home to the Majorelle Garden, which was opened in 1924. The French painter envisioned creating a one-of-a-kind garden in Marrakech that would stand out from the rest of the city. He painted the Garden blue, which caught tourists’ attention.

Menara Gardens

Al-Manara Gardens were built during the Almohad Period, although not for tourists. They served as a swimming training facility for soldiers. Because the UN intended to protect the country, they offered extensive conservation training.
The Menara Gardens are a huge pond fed by water from the Atlas Mountains near the Mediterranean. A tree grove has also been planted in the garden. You may take a series of photographs of this breathtaking natural location, which wonderfully captures Morocco’s magnificence.

Bahia Palace
Tourism in Marrakech is well-known for its diversity. After studying about Marrakech’s most famous marketplaces, squares, and gardens, it’s time to learn about Al-Bahia Palace, a popular tourist destination. The palace, erected by the Alawite dynasty in the nineteenth century, is a municipal highlight.
This palace’s past can be scented on its walls. Aside from the beauty of the engravings and the precision with which they were created, the walls are decorated with significant inscriptions with a distinctly Eastern flavor. The palace has several wings and halls. Tourism in Marrakech is well-known for its diversity. After studying about Marrakech’s most famous marketplaces, squares, and gardens, it’s time to learn about Al-Bahia Palace, a popular tourist destination. The palace, erected by the Alawite dynasty in the nineteenth century, is a municipal highlight.
This palace’s past can be scented on its walls. Aside from the beauty of the engravings and the precision with which they were created, the walls are decorated with significant inscriptions with a distinctly Eastern flavor. The palace has several wings and halls.

The Atlas Mountains and Todra Gorges

The Atlas Mountains are a mountain range that stretches over three countries: Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. They are not, however, a continuous chain of mountains due to the enormous distances between them. We go through these mountains on Tizi NTichka, Morocco’s longest twisting road, which is over 200 kilometers long.

Many Berber families built homes and created little villages along the route. Furthermore, many individuals who follow this path use Argan oil to manufacture cosmetics. Our desert and city excursions from Agadir will take you to many cooperatives in this region.The Todra or Todgha Gorges are one of Morocco’s most popular tourist sites, particularly among climbers. Canyons that reach a height of about 300 meters and are separated by a river are usually preferred. Berbers in the area bring their herds to the spring to be watered on a regular basis. Todra is a famous tourist destination as well as a desirable area to live for locals and residents. They visit to relax or to sell traditional goods like carpets.

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