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Casablanca Moroccan restaurant

The Best Casablanca Moroccan restaurant

Casablanca Most Important Dining Locations The best method to eat your way around Morocco’s biggest city’s spectacular ethnic mash-up Casablanca Moroccan restaurant. Casablanca Moroccan restaurant has invoked the romanticism of a bygone age ever since it was immortalized on film … Read More

goats on trees in Morocco

Goats on trees in Morocco

Do you see goats on the trees in Morocco near the highway that goes from Marrakech to Essaouira? Yes, there are goats climbing trees in southwestern Morocco, in the Sous valley. Only in places where the argan tree grows a … Read More

Moroccan names

Moroccan names For Boys And Girls

Morocco is a country steeped in history and culture, which explains the Moroccans’ extensive use of traditional Moroccan Names. The names for newborn girls are ultra-feminine and charming, while the names for newborn boys show a lot of swaggers. The … Read More

A lovely rug with a black cross arrangeme

Moroccan Rugs in Black and White for Your Home

Moroccan Rugs in Black and White for Your Home: Moroccan rugs are available in a broad range of colors and sizes, but black and white are one of the most popular color combinations. You can’t go wrong with this rug … Read More

What is a Riad in Morocco?

What is a Riad in Morocco?

What is a Riad in Morocco? So, what exactly is a riad? A classic Moroccan Riad is a multi-story residence built around an open-air courtyard with a fountain in the middle. Riads were originally the exclusive residences of the city’s … Read More

The Fantasia (Tbourida) In Morocco

The Fantasia (Tbourida) In Morocco

Visit Morocco with Unique Morocco Desert Tours travel agency and see the Fantasia (Tbourida) In Morocco Horse MuseumIt consists of a group of horse riders dressed in traditional attire racing down a straight road at the same pace to create a … Read More

Merzouga or Zagora

Merzouga or Zagora Picking the Right Desert Tour from Marrakech

If you want to go on Morocco desert tours from Marrakech Merzouga or Zagora, you have a lot of alternatives, which may be pretty complicated, to say the least. There is a lot of jargon thrown about – Zagora, Merzouga, … Read More

Agafay Desert

Go to the Agafay Desert! If you are not able to visit the Sahara?

The Agafay Desert is only an hour’s drive from Marrakech’s vibrant souks and dizzying maze-like market alleyways. The Agafay, literally unspoiled by civilization, is a stark contrast to the buzz and bustle of Marrakech. Most tourists visiting Morocco are aware … Read More

Moroccan hammam

Visiting a Moroccan hammam

What should I expect on my visit to a Moroccan hammam? A visit to a Moroccan hammam (Arabic bath) is a different, wonderful experience and it is also one of the best ways to connect with Moroccan society. So if … Read More

What to Wear in Morocco

What to Wear in Morocco in Every Situation!

One of the very first questions people have before visiting Morocco is what to wear in Morocco? The answer to this question varies greatly. The most important thing to know is that there is no dress code in Morocco. You … Read More