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Best Beaches in Morocco

Best Beaches in Morocco

More than just sun and water are features of Beaches in Morocco. Agadir, the country’s biggest resort town and just a short flight from Europe, draws many Europeans for a straightforward summer sun and sand vacation, but for many other … Read More

best things to do in essaouira morocco


This is a comprehensive Things to do in Essaouira Morocco guide to Essaouira, Morocco, including information on everything you should see and do as well as transportation options, dining options, and accommodations. Essaouira has a special allure, and it’s difficult … Read More

Best things to do in Ouarzazate

Best things to do in Ouarzazate

THE BEST THINGS TO DO IN OUARZAZATE | LITTLE HOLLYWOOD OF MOROCCO traveling to the Sahara? Don’t forget to spend 2 days in the Moroccan city of Ouarzazate. Here is all the information you want, including what to see and … Read More

Things to do in Tangier Morocco

Things To Do In Tangier Morocco

The Whole City Guide to Morocco’s Tangier. Is a trip to Tangier worthwhile? Where can I go and what can I do in Tangier? This comprehensive city guide includes advice on where to stay, dine, and how to travel about … Read More

Moroccan Man

You intend to wed a Moroccan man, right?

One of the articles on my website Unique Desert Tour that receives the most views and comments is on the misconceptions people have when they learn that you married an Arab. As individuals share their own tales and experiences in … Read More

Visiting Morocco as a woman

Visiting Morocco as a woman

Visiting Morocco as a woman, along with the subject of how to eat in Morocco if you have food allergies, another often asked question is concerning visiting Morocco as a woman alone or with a company. For those who have … Read More

Rabat is the Capital of Morocco

Things to do in Rabat the Capital of Morocco

Morocco’s capital city is Rabat. Rabat, which was founded as a military outpost for operations to Andalusia in the 12th century, afterward withdrew for a while and flourished quickly following the French occupation when the heart of the protective zone … Read More

Erg Chebbi

Erg Chebbi sand dunes Merzouga

These are Morocco’s most accessible Erg Chebbi Merzouga Sahara hills, but they’re not easy to squeeze into a quick trip. They’re roughly a 10-hour drive from Fez and at least as long from Marrakesh, so you’ll need at least a … Read More

Bread in Morocco

Bread in Morocco a cookbook with recipes

I’ve always had a bread fixation, and it’s been interesting to learn about the many sorts of bread available in Morocco throughout the years. While most people associate Moroccan cuisine with couscous or tajine, I believe it is bread that … Read More

Moroccan teapot

Moroccan teapot

A fresh cup of mint tea served in Morocco has a certain allure. It is more than simply a cup of tea; it is a whole experience. The characteristic Moroccan teapot that your tea comes in is something you’ll notice … Read More