Tipping In Morocco

Morocco may be a very lovely vacation for those of us who yearn for independence. This North African country provides a memorable experience with its lively culture and gorgeous surroundings. However, when it comes to tipping, things may become a little complicated.

What should you tip your tour guide, waiter, and driver? What are the cultural norms of Morocco? In this post, we’ll go over everything you need to know about tipping in Morocco so that your Morocco Desert Tours goes as smoothly as possible!

Tipping has a common practice throughout the globe, but determining how much to leave can be difficult. In certain nations, it’s usual to leave a tiny sign of gratitude for excellent service; in others, a big tip is nearly expected.

So, what are the tips rules in Morocco? We’ll go through the conventions and etiquette of leaving tips in this unusual culture, so you can express your gratitude without upsetting anybody or breaching any unwritten laws. you might also interested in Moroccan Coffee.

What Are Morocco’s Tipping Customs?

Tipping is a significant aspect of Moroccan culture. When in Morocco, it is common to tip tour guides, drivers, waiters, and other service providers. The amount paid as a tip might vary depending on the level of service delivered.

Tipping roughly 10% of the entire price is generally regarded reasonable for most services. However, it is frequently anticipated that tour guides and drivers get gratuities in addition to the rate or charge for their services. A gratuity of up to 20% may be acceptable in certain instances.

Waiters and other restaurant personnel may also expect gratuities for excellent service. In this instance, a gratuity of 5-10% of the entire amount is generally adequate. Tipping should always be done with compassion and respect – a tiny contribution may go a long way toward showing appreciation for exceptional service.

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Tipping in Morocco: A Guide

Tipping is a fundamental element of Moroccan culture and etiquette, so knowing what to do while visiting is crucial.

When traveling with a tour guide, for example, it is traditional to tip them at the conclusion of the journey to show gratitude for their efforts. Tipping 10-15% of the entire cost of the trip is generally regarded reasonable, however this amount may be altered according on your level of satisfaction with your experience.

When eating out in Morocco, keep in mind that gratuities are expected and should be provided to the waiter or waitress directly. Although a 10% service fee is often already applied to your bill, you should still consider leaving a 5-10% tip if you were delighted with your meal.

A little expression of gratitude, generally approximately 50 MAD (Moroccan Dirhams), is also appreciated for taxi drivers and other service providers like as porters and bellhops.

In conclusion, tipping generously in Morocco is a terrific way to express your thanks while also supporting people who depend on gratuities as a source of income.

Street Food & Restaurants

Exploring Morocco’s unique culinary culture may be an exciting experience. It’s a feast for all the senses, from the aromatic tagines cooked in clay pots to the sumptuous street cuisine offered on every corner.

When eating out, always tip your waiter or waitress 10% of your bill as a token of gratitude for their efforts. Tipping is not required, therefore it is entirely up to you, however it is regarded nice and appreciated by locals.

For most street food sellers, clients just round up their bill to the closest note, which is generally sufficient to express appreciation for their services.

Transportation Services & Drivers

It’s crucial to remember to tip your driver while using Moroccan transportation services. This is particularly true for taxi drivers, but also for tour guides and other hired drivers.

The gratuity should be around 10% of the entire price. Of course, if you are extremely pleased with the service, you are welcome to leave a higher tip.

Consider giving a little gratuity for individuals who assist you with your bags, such as airport or railway station porters. A few dirhams (MAD) might go a long way toward expressing your gratitude for their efforts.

Finally, tipping is not required; nonetheless, it is a terrific way to express your appreciation and ensure that everyone engaged in your vacation has a nice experience.

Tourist Guides

When traveling across Morocco, keep in mind that tipping tour guides is both courteous and customary. Tour guides often take guests to some of the most unique and memorable locations in the nation, so giving them a tip for their services is a terrific way to express gratitude. There is no standard number for gratuity, although normally 10-20% of the overall trip fee is considered reasonable.

It’s traditional to gift your tour guide something extra if you’ve had a very positive encounter with them. As a gesture of your appreciation, you may gift them a memento from your home country or buy something from a local shop; this can be anything as simple as candies or tea or something more substantial like jewelry or clothes.

Whatever you decide to present, make sure it reflects your gratitude for their assistance in making your vacation unforgettable!


When visiting Morocco, it is essential to understand the various tipping practices. Tour guides, drivers, waiters, and other service providers should all be tipped. Tipping is customarily 10% for restaurant meals and 20% for taxi rides. Tour guides should be tipped at least 10%, although larger gratuities are usually appreciated.

Tipping customs change from place to place in Morocco. Many locations, for example, may not have dedicated workers who anticipate tips, so be careful to inquire ahead of time whether tipping is required.

It is usual in certain establishments, such as hotels and riads, to leave a little gratuity for cleaning employees upon departing. Finally, tipping in Morocco is a chance to express gratitude to those who made your vacation more delightful.

Be generous with your tips wherever you can, and you will undoubtedly leave an impact on everyone you meet on your vacation.


When it comes to activities in Morocco, there are plenty to pick from. There is something for everyone, from experiencing the Sahara desert and its natural splendor to participating in cultural events such as attending traditional music festivals or visiting local markets.

Whatever activity you choose to participate in, specific tipping etiquette must be followed.

It is typical to tip a tour guide or driver 5-10% of the entire cost of the service while embarking on an adventure.

If you’re eating out, 10% is generally plenty for waiters and other restaurant workers. Feel free to offer extra if you have experienced amazing service!

It is also customary to leave some change at hotels and other establishments where you may obtain services such as spa treatments and concierge help.

Taking these additional precautions can guarantee that your stay is pleasurable for everyone.

Attractions and Actors

Morocco is a nation full with incredible sights and performances that will leave you speechless. There are several areas to explore and be delighted, ranging from the busy medinas of Marrakech to the sweeping dunes of the Sahara.

Morocco offers something for everyone, from snake charmers, storytellers, and dancers to camel rides and breathtaking landscapes. Morocco’s marketplaces are full with unique treasures and spectacular views. From carpets to leather products, you may discover a wide range of souvenirs and handcrafted crafts.

There will also be street entertainers and music events using a variety of traditional instruments. Morocco has so much to offer that you’ll undoubtedly discover something new each time you come!

Going on a guided tour, where a knowledgeable local may give insight into the area’s history and culture, is a terrific way to ensure you don’t miss out on any unique experiences.

In the Financial Markets

Visiting Moroccan marketplaces is an unforgettable experience. They are lively, vivid, and full of life. You may buy anything from fresh fruits and veggies to handmade things like jewelry and ceramics. You may even haggle with the merchants to get a better deal.

It’s crucial to realize that Moroccan culture and traditions are quite distinct from those of many other nations. Tipping at markets, for example, is not required but is extremely welcomed by sellers if you want to express your appreciation for their items.

In Morocco, gratitude goes a long way, and expressing it via tipping will be rewarded with a smile or act of goodwill from the receiver. Respect the customs of the nation you are visiting, and appreciate those who make your trip so wonderful!


When it comes to tipping in Moroccan hotels, the widespread assumption is that 10-15% of the entire cost is suitable. When you check out, you may leave tips in cash or charge them to your credit card.

It’s worth mentioning that hotel employees, such as cleaning and bellhops, often anticipate a little gratuity for their services. If you’re staying at a luxury hotel, you may wish to tip more generously since they give greater levels of service.

At the same time, keep in mind that tipping is not required in Morocco; it is just considered as a method of showing thanks for excellent service. So, if you don’t believe you had good treatment from a certain hotel staff, there’s no need to tip them.

Finally, the amount you tip should be reflective of your total experience and should never be pushed or demanded.


Riads are a unique form of hotel experience found in Morocco. With wide courtyards, beautiful gardens, and a peaceful ambiance, these classic residences have a distinct appeal and comfort.

Riads are the ideal spot to rest and unwind, whether on a family holiday or a romantic retreat. Guests at Riads may anticipate great hospitality from the local personnel, who will do all possible to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable stay.

From food preparation to trip planning, they go above and beyond to ensure that all guests have a wonderful time. Tipping Riad personnel is usual; however, the amount should be modified depending to the degree of service offered.

In addition, there are guest houses.

Morocco is brimming with beautiful guest houses and riads, each providing a distinct experience. Morocco offers something for everyone, from the magnificent riads of Marrakesh to the smaller, more personal guest homes found across the nation.

If you’re seeking for a unique location to stay during your visit to Morocco, a riad or guest house is always a good option. Both kinds of lodgings provide comfort and convenience that regular hotels may not always provide.

The environment of these establishments will make your vacation even more memorable since you will be surrounded by gorgeous décor, helpful employees, and the general sensation of being welcomed into someone’s home. Furthermore, the costs are sometimes cheaper than those of traditional hotels!

So, if you want to have a genuinely unforgettable time in Morocco, you should absolutely pick one of these two possibilities.

Salons and Spas

Relaxing at Morocco’s exotic spas and salons may provide a really unique experience. There’s something for everyone searching for a little pampering, from traditional hammams to exquisite massage treatments.

The variety of treatments provided will not disappoint, whether you want your nails done or a complete body cleanse. It is customary to leave a little gratuity after your treatment, like with other service providers in Morocco.

In general, it is normal to round up the cost of your treatment and leave that amount as a gratuity. For example, if a service costs 100 dirhams, a tip of 120 dirhams is reasonable. This gift would be immensely appreciated by salon employees and will go a long way toward demonstrating your gratitude for their hard work and outstanding service.

Gas Stations and Parking

When it comes to parking and petrol stations in Morocco, you can anticipate the unexpected.

Finding a parking spot in the country’s vibrant cities and congested roadways may be difficult.

However, if you put in the effort and take your time, you’ll soon discover that Moroccan drivers are polite and helpful – just keep an eye out for those pesky parking fines!

Gas stations are generally accessible across the nation; however, pack extra cash since many do not take credit cards.

Also, keep take mind that tipping is requested at both parking lots and petrol stations – normally 5-10 dirhams should enough!

So, if you have some spare change, why not use it to express your gratitude?

After all, politeness goes a long way in Morocco.

Other Moroccan Tipping Situations

paying in Morocco might be difficult to understand, especially when it comes to paying tour guides, drivers, waiters, and other service providers. The amount you should tip is determined by the sort of service provided and your level of satisfaction with the encounter.

For services such as restaurant meals or taxi trips, it is usual to tip 10%. Tips are anticipated to be somewhat greater – approximately 15% – for more specialized services such as customized tours or lengthy automobile excursions.

There are several particular cultural conventions to consider when it comes to various tipping scenarios in Morocco. It is customary for guests of honor at weddings or other celebrations to present the host family with a monetary or food gift.

Furthermore, many Moroccan retailers may seek baksheesh (small amounts of money given as a sign of appreciation) if they go above and beyond their customary tasks.

Overall, tipping norms in Morocco differ from place to location and person to person, so conducting your homework ahead of time and being aware of local customs will help ensure that you tip correctly and politely.

Questions and Answers

Do you have questions regarding Moroccan tipping etiquette? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned world traveler, there are some easy rules to follow to ensure your tips are suitable and appreciated.

When it comes to tipping in Morocco, keep in mind that tips are not required, but they are much appreciated. Tour guides should earn 10 – 12 MAD ($1-$2 USD) per person per day; drivers should receive 10 – 15 MAD ($1-$2 USD) per person every trip; and waiters should receive 5 – 10 MAD ($0.50 – $1 USD) depending on service quality.

When paying, it is common to leave little coins and round up the entire amount for restaurants and cafés (5% of the whole price is considered a suitable tip). If you’re really pleased with your service, don’t be hesitant to express your gratitude with a few additional dirhams!


Finally, tipping is a significant aspect of Moroccan society and is considered as a means to express gratitude.

Overall, tip 10-15% for meals, a few dirhams for transportation, and a few dirhams for tour guides, spas & salons, parking & petrol stations.

Remember that you are not obligated to tip in all instances; use your discretion.

If you’re ever unclear about how much to tip or if you should give at all, simply ask one of the employees!

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