kenitra (Port-Lyautey)

Kenitra, is a city and urban commune of Morocco. Its name is Port-Lyautey from 1932 to independence in 1956. Kenitra is located in northwest Morocco near the Atlantic Ocean between Rabat and Tangier. This city is built on the bank of the Oued Sebou, which has its source in the Middle Atlas and whose length is about 500 kilometers.The best places in Kenitra:

The city is located in the center of a rich agricultural region, the Gharb. Nearby is the biological reserve of the Sidi Boughaba lake and its numerous species of migratory birds, as well as the Mamora forest. The seaside resort of Mehdia Plage is only 12 km from the city. Kenitra has preserved many houses and buildings from its early days. There are beautiful villas from the 20’s and 30’s with their flowery gardens.


Mehdia is a city in Morocco. It is located in the region of Rabat-Salé-Kénitra. It is a picturesque small coastal town located near the city of Kenitra, 30 km northeast of the capital Rabat.
Mehdia with all its spots is an ideal place for surfing in Morocco.
The MOONE It is without doubt the most beautiful spot one can surf in Mehdia. This one is located near the rocks, it offers a beautiful right hander which varies between 0.5 and 4 m beyond this size it is not more surfable. This wave works wonderfully from September to the end of May during the summer it works quite well but the spot is saturated with surfers.

Besides, the Mehdia club is open all year round giving lessons to all levels. There is also a jet-ski club, but it is only active during the high season for the moment. There is a variety of restaurants within walking distance of the villa, for all tastes, with a specificity of fish, which is logical since we are on the coast. The fishing port is ten minutes away from the villa and consequently you will have access to a large choice of fresh fish, moreover at a very reasonable price. Personally, when I’m there I take advantage of it. A beautiful lake with a breathtaking view for a family picnic. Swimming pools with slides for the pleasure of children and parents and to spend a pleasant holiday.


Kasbah de Mehdia is located on the left bank of the Oued Sebou, 8 km west of Kenitra. Not far from the mouth of the Oued Sebou, the kasbah is founded on a hill 70 m high, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the coastal plain.

The entrance door opened on a forecourt, in the middle of the western façade. The guard posts stood under the semicircular vault. Facing the entrance, inside, was a small mosque with a minaret. It seems that it was never completed and never used as a place of worship.

All around the enclosure walls, inside, there were benigas, one-room rooms, intended to receive people passing through and the garrison. In the middle of the enclosure, the vast courtyard welcomed caravans, travelers and animals. It was a caravanserai.

There are few accounts of the state of the citadel before the establishment of the protectorate. The few soldiers of the Makhzen are rare, poorly armed and poorly equipped. At night, the only door was closed and would not be opened again until the morning.

Sidi Boughaba Lake

Lake Sidi Boughaba is surrounded by a natural vegetation, based on red juniper, well preserved. Other species such as Oleaster, Lentisque, Asparagus, Lavender, Tamarix, Fern … enter the composition of the natural plant cover of the site.the nature reserve of Sidi Boughaba offers an educational program. It has a national center for environmental education, established in 1992, which annually hosts some 12,000 students and 30,000 visitors. The program of activities includes a guided tour of the reserve, practical activities on the exploration of aquatic life.

The program includes a guided tour of the reserve, hands-on activities to explore aquatic life, and of course, a guided tour of a permanent exhibit inside the center. This exhibition informs the public about the life of the species living in the reserve. Visitors can also take the opportunity to observe birds. A wooden hut installed at the edge of the lake allows birdwatchers to observe the birds with the help of a long viewer. In one of the rooms of the center, a program on environmental education has been designed and prepared for school groups. All this is done in a very interactive and fun way. It is not a theoretical course on the life of the fauna and flora, but rather a very enriching discovery, in the form of games.


Oued Sebou is a river with a length of 614 km from its source to the Gharb plain, where it will receive Oued Beht and Oued R’dom in the South. After crossing the pre-Rifa hills, it joins the Atlantic near Kenitra at Mehdia.

Its average flow is 137 m3/s. In winter, the highest average flow is in February (350 m3/s), and can reach 6,000 m3/s during periods of high flooding. The Sebou is one of the most important water resources in Morocco; however, it is among the most polluted rivers in the entire region because it is subject to domestic and industrial wastewater discharges.

Military bases

Kenitra Military Airport is a Moroccan Air Force base, located in the city of Kenitra.
Initially a French naval air station, opened in 1932, it came under American command in 1942 and then Moroccan command in 1963, becoming the 3rd Air Force base. The last American soldiers left the base in 1977.

Medina (khabazat)

Medina is a popular district of kenitra, in Morocco. It is home to the Joutia market, an essentially informal market where electronic products and counterfeit goods are sold at modest prices that are affordable by most of the Moroccan population. There are merchants of furniture, clothes and multimedia.

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