Moroccan Bedding

Our Moroccan bedding transports you to the coasts of Casablanca and makes your bedroom seem like it belongs in Marrakech, Tangier, and Morocco. Each of our cotton duvet covers and bedspreads, which are handcrafted using the traditional block printing technique, is inspired by beautiful places throughout the globe, and we are particularly drawn to the colors, tales, and culture of Morocco. Meet some of our lovely Moroccan bedding sets, which may be used as the foundation of your Moroccan bedroom.

1:A Moroccan-inspired blue duvet cover.

Casablanca Blues transports you to this legendary, beautiful city and captures the vibrant hues of a bright, sunny day spent on the sea. This print emits a combination of Moroccan and seaside influences, with a colorful quatrefoil pattern printed against a deep azure base.

2:A yellow Moroccan duvet cover from France.

Wake up in sunny French Moroccan style and embrace the day! In our Morning Dew collection, we put a Moroccan twist on classic French rural hues. This reversible cotton duvet cover features royal blue, teal, and orange medallions on creamy yellow ground. It’s a regal, feminine, and exquisite take on Moroccan or cosmopolitan style.

3: Moroccan bedding style floral duvet coverings

This is the first time you’ve seen a flowery design like this. Meet Mosaique Bleue, our homage to Morocco’s traditional tilework art (known as zellige). A floral design develops from a complex, multicolored labyrinth of tiles in this print. This design is a perfect choice for Moroccan bedding since it was inspired by actual Moroccan craftsmanship. It’s also a great alternative for someone who feels that more is better–if you’re a maximalist, you’ll love it!

4:A boho-inspired orange duvet cover for Moroccan bedding

If you enjoy the warmth of the Mediterranean and want a warm color palette in your Moroccan bedding design, Orange Blossom is for you. This luscious cotton duvet cover features a classic flower design with timeless charm that you won’t be able to resist slipping into at the end of the day! With a seven-color palette, you’ll have lots of options when it comes to decorating your Moroccan bedroom. (We’re particularly fond of this print when it’s paired with plum purple tones.)

5:Moroccan-inspired white and blue duvet coverings

Your décor preferences, on the other hand, may favor clean, chilly tones. Our Casablanca design brightens up your bedroom with a joyful splash of Moroccan style, portrayed in a perennially trendy combination of blue and white. To retain the cool feelings, add a few accents of light grassy green; if you want to go bigger, add a few rich orange or pomegranate red touches.

6:Moroccan bedding with an international flair

Moroccan culture and food are frequently flecked with vibrant colors in spice tones, conjuring memories of the legendary souks. In our red and orange Indian-Moroccan design, Spice Route, we’ve captured the sights, sounds, and smells of the spice marketplaces. With this Moroccan duvet cover, your bedroom will be oozing with a Moroccan flavor.

6:A Moroccan-inspired white duvet cover

The Royal Mansour is a premium palace hotel in Marrakech with spectacular architecture. It’s a lovely example of old Moroccan design, and our Royal Mansour collection pays respect to it. Use this Moroccan bedding to add a touch of exquisite beauty to a Moroccan-themed bedroom. (The same image is also available in smokey quartz on the opposite side of the cotton duvet cover.)

8:A creative boho-style grey duvet cover

When our Art Deco design is reversed, it offers an intriguing print that’s perfect for a Moroccan, bohemian bedroom. Our Deco Glam print is inspired by Jazz Age jewelry and feels extremely bohemian, making it a fantastic choice for your boho Moroccan bedding. If you like neutral boho design and a modern take on Moroccan style, or if you simply enjoy decorating with grey and white, this is a terrific option.

9:Ruby red (nine) Bedding in the Moroccan style

Kilim carpets are prized all over the world, although they are traditionally found in Turkey. We designed a kilim print that captures the essence of this ancient art form. Ruby Kilim provides global influence to your bedroom with its rich, bright hues and beautiful geometric design.

10:Quilts from Morocco to complement your Moroccan bedding

Lightweight Moroccan quilts are available for a handful of our block-printed fabric lines. Any time of year, they’ll look great in your Moroccan bedroom. During the winter months, layer your Morocco quilt with sheets and a blanket, or use just the top sheet in the summer.

Are you ready to add some Moroccan flair to your bed with a new duvet cover? For particular design recommendations and ideas on how to arrange a Moroccan bedroom, see our guide to Morocco Desert Tours.

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