Things to do in Meknes

Things to Do in Meknes and Attractions

The best things to do in Meknes and Volubilis, Most travelers stop in Meknes merely to visit Volubilis, Morocco’s most famous Roman-era site and one of the country’s top historic tourist attractions. Those who stay in the city after seeing … Read More

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Morocco Henna Tattoo

Morocco Henna Tattoo: a beautiful tradition

Spotlight on the beautiful arabesques of the henna tattoo, ancestral Moroccan tradition. I wanted to try Morocco henna tattooing. The must be this girl I met on the terrace of a trendy cafe on the Corniche in Casablanca, with hands … Read More

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The hand of fatima or khamsa

The hand of Fatima or Khamsa

Firstly, the hand of Fatima has always been part of the Moroccan experience. Either as a pendant around the neck of the beautiful and tender neighbor who curses twice a minute the children who are playing soccer down the street … Read More

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Moroccan Argan oil

Moroccan Argan oil, Morocco Liquid Gold

Argan Trees and Preservation: There is nothing more genuine or unique about Africa than Moroccan Argan oil & its trees, Argania Spinosa in Latin. These are ancient trees whose remnants grow in the area southwest of High Atlas and west … Read More

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Colors of Morocco


Colours of Morocco are a sensual country, full of exotic aromas, textures, and colors assaulting all human senses. Starting with stunning Moorish architecture, lavish artisan designs encompassing mosaics, tiles, carvings to souks full of a wide array of carpets, jewelry, … Read More

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